{short description of image} Background & History

{short description of image} Background

Moores Valley System Consultants Limited is a small Wellington based software development company. We have been in business since 1985, during which time we have specialised in developing high quality software solutions for our clients. Our client base has been primarily in the life insurance sector, although we are now increasingly working in other areas.

Our achievements on behalf of our clients have been remarkable when you consider the size of the company, it clearly demonstrates that experience counts.

The fact that we have managed to remain in business, while many of our competitors have fallen by the wayside, shows the confidence that our clients have placed in us.

We aim to continue to produce high quality state of the art products which give our clients the competitive edge they seek.


{short description of image} History

Our first assignment was in the insurance industry to develop an illustration system on behalf of National Mutual to be used by their agency force as a selling tool. This system, known as 'ORACLE'remained in use until quite recently.

While working on the National Mutual system we recognised an opportunity in the market for an illustration system package; we spent some time developing a prototype which we went on to install for Sun Alliance Life in 1989. This system remained in operation for several years and was eventually superceded by a system which Sun Alliance developed in-house.

Next came an assignment with the AMP Society, where we developed their illustration system known as 'MERIDIAN'. We continued to maintain this system in conjunction with AMP's own staff up until the end of 1995. Mid-way through 1995 AMP began their own in-house development of a Windows version.

Our most recent assignment has been with CIGNA Life where our first Windows based illustration system was first released to their brokers in late 1995. We continue to maintain and further develop this system. At the present time this would undoubtably be the most sophisticated quotation system available in New Zealand.

All of the above systems were written in Borland Pascal, which the exception of CIGNA's system which uses Borland's Delphi.

During 1994 we were commissioned to complete a development on behalf of Commercial Union Insurance, which had been begun by Creative Solutions before their demise. This system, written in Borland's Paradox for Windows, was used by their Auckland based Travel Insurance Department to control adminstration and claims. We continued to maintain this system on their behalf until late 1995 when their Australian based parent company decided to transfer processing back to Australia when Commercial Union's New Zealand based operation was sold to Sun Alliance.

In addition, we have undertaken assignments of varying size, using various technologies for other non-insurance related clients, including :

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